How to make Load Level times quicker

Hi, I’ve been working on an endless 2D runner (using the paper 2D plugin) but I’m having trouble with loading times in the game. I just have one level, and basically when the player dies, you can press start to restart the game (loads level again). In editor, this is very quick, less than half a second. However, in a packaged .exe, the load level takes up to 2 to 3 seconds, with the sprites being very low quality right after the game starts and sprites that appear in game are very low quality the first time they appear on the screen. I’ve implemented a loading screen solution for the sprite quality problem, but as this game is supposed to feel fast paced, I was curious if there was a way to reduce loading times in my packaged game?

Thanks in advance.

Bump, I’d really like to know if there was any way I could have loading times be quicker with unreal packaged games, especially with how lowlevel this game is. Thanks guys

A better solution to reloading the level, would be have a transform point located where the actor died and just restart there or the next tile. If the game is continuously generating new stuff it shouldn’t really matter where you start the experience will be the same.