How to make Lift or Elevator using 4 floor in Blueprints

How to make Lift or Elevator using 4 floor in Blueprints? i try but one by one only. Please give a example blueprint code

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We have a tutorial on our Wiki Page for creating a lift in Blueprints that should get you started! :slight_smile:

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

hey I made the lift, but is there a way to have multiple lifts? when I copy it just doesn’t work. do I need to set up everything for each one or there is a easier way to do it?

(I need lots of them)


You only need to make the initial blueprint with the one lift matinee. If you’ve got that setup you’ll be able to just place the Blueprint with the components in it and it will work for each one acting independently. If each Elevator has different settings you’ll need do these individually. If they all use the same settings you’ll be able to use the single BP.

sorry Im being really noob on this, but I tried it in so many ways already but I can’t copy it I guess because thats a level blueprint?.. I also made another one with a blueprint using event dispatcher and localoffset to see if I would be able to copy but its also not possible… in either way I need to always build them on the level blueprint, the original works fine but the copies just don’t work.

You shouldn’t need to do them on the level blueprint. You should only need to create a new blueprint actor and then you can place that blueprint around you level for each elevator.

The level blueprint though, will not a allow you to have mesh components with it. By using the above method you can attach the elevator mesh in that blueprint and have the matinee play.

? but the above method uses level blueprint, and I can’t reference matinee from another kind of blueprint.

Thanks for your reply Mr. and for supporting my question Mr. Fernadoz. I hope we can make its from another way. Maybe we possible use some Games massages and use keyboard to specify which floor will destination. :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m Roy are still having problem with this?

Hi Mr. Roy. tried my suggesting solution combine message and keyboard function when the actor trigger the switch to Lift.

Do you need a Tutorial?

If you have multi-floor (more than 2) tutorial its nice you can give me please. if one only, i have already. Thanks.

Hey Roy if you could make a tutorial or just show us the blueprint for something that don’t need the level blueprint that would be great (I found a few tutorials about making a lift but all of them uses level blueprint), I have plenty of things that I wanna move around on events (not only a lift), and using level blueprint makes impossible to replicate them (everytime I create a copy I need make the level blueprint part for every copy) must have a easier way but I’m too noob on this to find out, still searching lol (made so many variations already and none worked without the level blueprint) and of course it being able to activate parts of the animation (like choosing the floor on a lift) this should be simple, but I just can’t get it to work.


Hi fernandoz and ,

has it mostly correct, however for multiple lifts using the same blueprint, you want to use Timelines, not matinees. What you do is set up a lerp between your actors start location and desired location (say, 1000 uu above the start point, so Actor location + (vector) 0,0,1000). Set your timeline to a float track that travels from 0.0 to 1.0, and make sure to check use last keyframe. I have two pictures below to explain the approach I took, it can certainly be cleaned up and modified as this was thrown together for a quick example.

![alt text][2]

This elevator does a few things. It sets the variable world loc at the very beginning, which is used in the lerp as a location to come back to. Then, if an object overlaps the box component that is not the static mesh (floor), it will run the timeline. When the player is no longer overlapping the box, it will reverse the timeline. By setting it up this way in a blueprint, you can have these scattered wherever you want! If you really want to get fancy, you can promote the second vector input on the lerp, expose this, and then change the heights according to what you need for each individual elevator. Hopefully this will help you on your way!

I am making one slight alteration to the above. To make alternative/fancy heights, you have to do just a little more work. Have a look at the image I provided here for more information. The original post “works”, but the elevator will always go to the exact location that is listed in the end location. Which absolutely works! However, this alteration will allow you to control the updated location based on the actors local coordinates as opposed to simply world coordinates.

Hi, here are some tutorials for your elevator question. (Click links below)

Unreal Engine 4 Elevator Tutorial


Hi, here are some tutorials for your elevator question. (Click links below)

Unreal Engine 4 Elevator Tutorial


Ok, I will !
The first videos are using some Blueprint actor and The Level Blueprint But you can Replicated faster.

After this ones I will cover the COPY and PASTE Elevator every were.
[Unreal Engine 4 Elevator Tutorial][1]


hey guys sorry for the late reply just got home, and I’m trying all this awesomeness!!

I can’t believe how awesome you guys are serious thank you very much for the patience, and for taking the time to help out!!

Im an artist trying to learn the blueprint/programing side of things for now its just baby steps but with time I will learn it, and again thank you!!

Hey thanks Roy the videos are super helpful (can’t thank enough) this is really awesome and open so many possibilities I will try it right away!!