How to make levels and etc

Ok so I have been playing wiht it and I find the lack of tutorials really hard to figure out how to do things. Like I want to be able to make a land with water on it just for practice and some hills and road ways and stuff… but when I make a land any type of mesh I apply to it covers the entire land. Like if i make a grass one it covers the whole land even the hills i ahve made, if i use water it covers the whole land even the hills and etc…There is no tutorials to show me how to do this properly either

Hi Uprentiss,

Landscapes work in layers, for example you would have gravel,sand and grass, so what you need to do is set up a material that is layer coordinated, so the default material I want over the landscape is gravel and then paint over that gravel with the sand and grass layers. here is a tutorial that can help you

Hi Uprentiss,

I can understand the frustration as a new user trying to figure out something like this early on! It can be tough but you’ve got a good community here to help point you in the right direction and give you some pointers! :slight_smile:

I know I’ve given you some tutorials and videos before, so if I end up linking some that I’ve given you prior please forgive me.

In this instance there are several things you would need to understand before going forward.

  1. When using landscapes and water these are separate meshes, not all the same. (You can see this in the Mobile Temple, Vehicle Game, and Stylized demo on Marketplace)
    a) The landscape is it’s own component with a dip where the water would need to be.
    b) The Water is simply a plane with a material applied. The plane is stretched to intersect the landscape where the dips/edge of water is supposed to be
  2. With landscape materials you’ll need to create one so that you can use multiple materials and paint the areas that match the material you want. If you drag a grass material to the landscape it’s going to think you want the entire landscape to be covered that way. it’s not the best way to control the look you want.

Here are some tutorials to help get you started. Feel free to ask any questions if you have any hangups or don’t understand something. We’re glad to help!

Landscape Tutorials:

Take a look at the Landscape documentation for the different tools and features that you use.

Creating Splines on landscapes: This will allow you to create roads and paths with static meshes.

Landscape Tutorial video: This was created by Fighter5347 here on the forums. He’s created a simple and easy to understand tutorial to get you started.

This will show you how to setup your material for painting your landscape

Let us know where you need help if you’re having issues. :slight_smile:


Thank you I will look at everything you gave me. as I said I just want to be able to learn it and once I have a way to learn things I am fine Its just hard figuring some things out on your own.