How to make large scale cities w/ interior buildings

Im trying to find an efficient way to build large scale cities that have some, if not all the buildings have interior. Im brand new to Unreal Engine. I was looking into the kits from KitBash3d but im not sure if those building packs have buildings with interiors. Any information or guidance would be helpful. Thank you

I’m working on a MPOG with open world setting. We have lots of buildings in the world in several cities. Our solution in short is to create each building in a seperate level, inside and outside, then merge the outside meshes in one building mesh and the inside meshes into one inside mesh. A house BP will then have both static meshes as well as a trigger volume that is slightly larger than the house. When a player enters the trigger volume, it makes the interior of the house visible and vice versa.
Of course it all depends on your game setting. Making the inside invisible will not remove the collision info so if you have NPCs inside the house they should still remain in their position and not fall through the floor even though the inside is invisible.
Of course the engine should be able to cull not visible meshes like the inside by itself but it’s always best to have control over as many aspects as possible

Its a little bit work but you can also work with Draw Distance - Iam not sure if this is a good way, but it after a specific distance, all objects you selected will disappear - i think thats also a good why to “hide” all meshes inside a Building :slight_smile:
@Wallenstein correct me please if iam wrong, iam still learning

I use Cull Distance Volumes. Just put one inside buildings and set the distances to what you want for all the objects to be culled, the engine does the rest.