How to make Items Respawn?

I have these Health Create’s setup all around my level and when the play needs life they simply pick them up. But the thing i am stuck on is after they pick them up how do get them spawn back into the level after the delay time?

I have tried making a blueprint with just a arrow in it to act as a reference point in the level. and then at start i have it set to already spawn a create so that they’re is one on begin play, but after the player picks it up
it doesn’t spawn back in even tho i have the spawn actor node referencing the arrow to spawn to after the player has collected it?

Make a blueprint called “Item Spawn”. In there you have variable of the class of the item you want to spawn.

On BeginPlay, spawn an item once.
When the item is picked up, notify the Item Spawn that the item is picked up.

Start a Timer in this notify that respawns the item.