How to make it so you walk through a trigger box and it displays text in the middle of the screen?

How do i make it so when i walk through a trigger box, text will appear in the middle of the screen with whatever font/text size/color i want?

Hello Xilo

Check this tutorial here:

And at the end of it, instead using the Event begin play, uses the Overlap event from a trigger box to trigger it on or off from the screen.

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Thank you. I apologize for making you come to my rescue once again… I have already made it. I just need to know how to change the font. There is some tutorial on youtube but the guy has the hud editor blueprint and all this stuff that i do not have… oh well, thanks again!

there is a default font inside unreal, so you can make tests with it, good luck!

I have already installed my own custom font, yet how would i make it use it? let alone make it centered on the screen?

The widget component?

You can create an actor blueprint and add the widget component to it, then you select the HUD BP that you created with your text and font and put the widget actor in your lvl anywhere you want.

Perhaps a more detailed explanation? I would really appreciate that!

Hi Xilo

The tutorial I sent to you above has a very detailed explanation how to create widgets components

I meant like creating the actual text in the center of the screen thing. You would think it would be a simple thing but clearly not…,

Hi Xilo

I understand. Here is a documentation about the HUD and how to create them: 1.1 - HUD Example | Unreal Engine Documentation



thanks a lot!