How to make it in a sidescroller - that the character pawn doesn't flip

Hello, so what I basically want is for the character’s blendspace to work as in the image…when pressing right - I’d like his run/idle animation to be facing the right direction…when pressing left I’d like him to run/face the left direction…

When testing it though…still having trouble having him face that specific direction - and sometimes “id get moon-walking” effect where the anim runs right but the pawn moves left

Any suggestions?


you have to look deeper into character blueprint, note that “character” isn’t such simple actor as static mesh, it’s complex object with capsule component, static mesh, camera, movement component and so on, but every complex object have root component

when you need rotate you character, use “addLocalRotation” and make sure to rotate “CapsuleComponent” Oops! because it’s root component of character, if you rotate only mesh inside, you’ll get exactly moon walk :slight_smile:

Maybe I’m doing something wrong - but that didn’t seem to fix anything :confused:

what function you use to rotate your character?

I’m using the add movement input - when I move left to right - the character turns right back around and moon walks