how to make it false

Ok so Im trying to make it so that if dmg is true then regen is false but I havent been able to find out how to make this so. I want regen to stop when dmg is dealt. What do I have to do exactly.1fc97599482add77bc9cb3e43dba07b5cfb01d71.jpeg

Make a variable and set it type to bool (red) The drag it out and Set the node drag execution pin from dmg to to the bool and set it to be true now drag out the bool again, this time choose get, add a branch before regen and set the condition with the get bool

“drag execution pin from dmg to to the bool and set it to be true” What do you mean set it to true. use a branch to do so?

No, when you drag the execution pin type “set” and youll see a set boolean true node you can use to set your boolean

You mean like this?8d2b06c28347896ba2d564b072f5a91a9fb3eefe.jpeg

Yep! That’s it, now you can set it to whatever you want

Thanks for the help but I am still having an issue with it. When took dmg is false it will go directly to the regen path but when it is true it wont go to the path with the delay to the regen.

Use gate to do so like this

Made this especialy for you. :).

Basically you control the regeneration with a gate.

The gate open if you dont recive dmg for at least 10 seconds. The branch are only used to make the hp dont go over the max value you desire.
In that case i set it to regen 1 hp every 0.2 sec
PD: Also the gate should be opened at begening. in the screen is closed.