How to make iOS games?

Do I need a Mac to publish it? And can I use blueprints to make it?

Hi CDP Productions,

You can make games for iOS devices on both Macs and PCs and launch them directly to, or package them for an iOS device for testing. However to actually publish them on the iOS app store, you will need XCode. This can be loaded for Windows, however, as shown here:

Here is the official documentation needed to publish a iOS application:

Also, If you have not already done so, here is a link to our documentation letting you know what you will need in order to package an iOS project in UE4: Setting Up an Unreal Engine Project for iOS | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation


Here are is IOS App store Devices. XCode on Windows click here… XCode on Windows

To be able to check out this tutorial, then you’ll want to prepare an Apple programmer account and then download Xcode (this application used to construct i-OS programs ).

Xcode isalso, regrettably, just designed for Macs; in the event that you’ve got a Windows/Linux system here is really a site which might assist you to install Xcode.

If you currently have a free account along with Xcode, you are able to jump to the upcoming section. As a way to begin first see and then click ■■■■■ centre, then join in with your Apple ID.

Proceed for the Apple Developer Agreement Page and take away the agreement; you finally possess a free developer accounts! As a way to upload your endeavors to the program store you should need to pay for A100 $ annual commission.

Before going to start you need to check about xcode tutorial which mentioned below.

Do I need a Mac to publish it? And can I use blueprints to make it? is this the question you wanted to ask? absolutely you need a mac for ios games. become a programmer and then you will be able to create ios games.