How to make Interactive Texture?

Hi Guys , I’m working on a building walk-through project in which I want the to make a button which changes the texture of a particular area such as the wall or the floor on every click on that button.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Okey first of all. What do you mean by changes? Do you just want the texture to fade into another texture?
If thats the case then you can just lerp the different textures and controll the ammount of lerping inside your blueprint.

Thanks for the replay Visceral3D. I have attached what I have achieved so far. In the image you can see that I have used a key to change texture. What I actually want is to change the texture using a button on the game itself.

do you want like a interactive button in the room like a switch you can work?
if so you should check out the Content Examples I think youll find what you are looking for in the reflections map.

Thanks DJMidKnight for the answer. I will check that out.But i dont need a button in room. I have attached a image. you can see from that i have created two HUD buttons (Floor,Wall). When i click on that I want the texture to change respective of what I’m clicking. You can see from the image i have posted before that I am doing this action by pressing G. I want the same effect to come on these HUD Buttons. Thanks in advance.


Hi AgentGhost,

I believe what will be helpful for you here is Dynamic Material Instancing. You can find more information on the subject here: