How to make In-App Purchases for removing ads?

As the title says. I have a button that says remove adds. How do i make that button charge money in the app through google and completely remove the ads that display throughout my game. How do i do that or/and what’s the process to make this happen. Thanks!

Can someone please answer my question if they know the answer?

Hey Spookey0188,

I’m quite amateur with UE but, I would suggest you should check out the “UnrealMatch3” Project. It has many things for android development like in-app purchases, ads, touches, menus etc.

Also, my wild guess from my limited amount of “still-learning” knowledge would be to make a boolean condition, say “addFree”. Now, until “addFree” is false the showAdBanner function is ran.

Now, when the purchase happens the “addFree” boolean is set to True so that the showAdBanner is not run.

Possible problem I can think of is if a user un-installs and re-installs your game, the boolean might reset despite him making the purchase…But, you might know if there is a way to save the purchase and set the boolean to true for that player. Hopefully I was a help.

Oh ok. I think i have gotten an idea. If you learn anything more about this are have a better explanation that would be awsome!

i understand the disabling the ads, but the main problem i had is how to make the in game purchase BP work for paying the player the amount of money through google services. Then disabling the ads forever when the amount has been paid

you are asking in android section which is limited for your question my suggestion is you will have more chance to get the answer in github , so try there and give us the result as i’m interested in this too .

hmmm…I’ll try but i don’t expect people to know the answer if they have never used in-app payments for BPs in UE4. Especially since GitHub is for discussion with other engines not just UE4. I expected the android section of UE4 would no better about this. I don’t know since i never used GitHub discussion area. Where do i ask in github to find my answer? Sorry i’m a noob in GitHub

Also since i grabbed your attention can you help me find the Signing certificate fingerprint (SHA1) for my android app. I’m linking my app on Google dev console but i dont know how to find it. Here’s my thread yet know one seems to be helping me. If you don’t have knowledge of this it’s fine.

hehe i’m noobish than you can’t help you here :slight_smile: but i have seen a lot of question got answer in github thats why i told you , you need to open github account and link it to unreal account then you will able to see the unreal community there which is very huge and supported by official UE4 team that help a lot of people there so try it and to open the account try to search in google how to do that .

Awesome ok I’ll try there and report back in this thread. Is that community generaly more knowledgeable in UE4?

some time you can find your answer there , i forgot to tell you before sorry but try to ask question here first before github : Blueprint Scripting - UE4 AnswerHub it have high chance to get the answer you want .