How to make Human Skin

I’m still a noob at this so here is my question. How do I make real looking human skin materials. Please tell me step by step and don’t skip details. All of the tutorials keep giving me these problems. 1. They skip small details. 2. They don’t speak clearly when telling details. 3. Expect that I al ready Imported everything needed.

in the launcher learn tab, there is a project sample called realistic character or something , also there is a youtube video with zach parrish covering that .

human skin is quite an advanced shader, they normally skip the small stuff because they expect you to already have a working knowledge of ue4 and shaders. to get that information, you should start with the basics of materials and then move on to harder stuff. once you have that working knowledge, you will: A: already know the small details B: be able to extrapolate what they are trying to say even if they aren’t explaining it like they are teaching a five year old and C: you would have already imported everything you need to start working on said shader.

as the complexity increases, the amount of information needed increases and if every tutorial started from the absolute beginning, you would have to sit there for hours skipping through stuff that you now consider basic. that’s why they leave it all out.