How To Make Hidden Files

Hi. I know basically nothing about C++ and I need help to create a hidden file. Is there a way to do that through code? If there is can someone send me a picture so I can copy it?
Thanks in advance!

I think you’ll need to explain much more fully what you’re trying to achieve, because as stated, I’m not able to understand what you’re trying to do.

Hidden files are an OS-specific thing and will vary. Here’s something about Windows:

How to hide using C\C++ with Show hidden Files and Folder enabled - Stack Overflow

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And on Linux… you literally just put a “.” at the beginning of the file / directory name.

Thanks for the help!! Do you think that putting the files in appdata would be better since it is already a hidden folder?

AppData is so overused / abused now that even some Apps like to install there (see Programs sub-folder). But it only takes a quick websearch to undo all that or enable show-all files / folders. :crazy_face: So appdata is a really bad choice. You should probably do this right whatever it is you’re actually trying to secure. But without knowing more its hard to advise.

There’s probably a UE plugin that encrypts / decrypts data to a file (check out LowEntry’s plugins). The other option which isn’t as secure but will frustrate most users, is to write to a Registry key but obfuscate / encode the data first. Microsoft does this all the time and its not easy for casual users to decode. If you find a good approach post back and share it…

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I’m saving a file that has the amount of players in game, and I create the file when a player joins . I need to put it in a secure place, because even though I crash the game if it’s over 4 players you can still spawn 4 players even if there are only 2 players. I hope this makes sense.
I’ll try out some ideas. Thanks!!

I found a free plugin that can encrypt and decrypt files! you can find it here if you want it SSZCode Community Edition in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace
Thank you all for your help!!