How to make heavy object restrict player speed?

Or sounds weird because i don’t know how else describe it how to achieve it.

I want to restrict player movement and look speed depending from object that player grabbed, heavier object - slower walk and look. It’s done not so much for immersiveness, but more for practicality - if player swing mouse and release static mesh at right moment - it will fly away into infinity and beyond, which is not a good thing. This is crude solution and it’s possible to break it, but i don’t have that deep knowledge on UE to come up with something better, so it should work for now.

I come up with setting mouse sensitivity to specific value (since every player has customized options) and then subtraction from input value same input value divided on numbers in range from 1.1 to 2 (i don’t know how to subtract percents here, basically it’s subtracts from 90% to 50%), but i don’t know how to transform mesh mass into those values, so larger mass would give lesser value. I only can think about doing an expression, but maybe i don’t have to invent bicycle and there’s some more elegant solution, that include built in functionality?