How to make health bar to enemy

I just wanted to make a health bar to enemy so he needs to recive damage when attacked so how to do that?

This is probably best explained with one of the existing tutorials. A quick search brought up the following:

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask again if anything is unclear or doesn’t work (possibly due to version changes).

Good luck!

I tried That first tutorial but it works only for players health. my health get regenerate as said but i want to have it to enemy ai. i use same skeltal mesh for both enemy ai and my character but for my character it fills health bar with red color but my enemy ai has no health fills . he just has blank box on his head

Could you show some screenshots of you setup the player’s health bar and the enemy’s health bar? There’s got to be a difference.

Do both have the health/life/hitpoints variable and are both set to the expected value? Also, is your project multiplayer?

i have trouble in uploading photos. i only used that video blue print on enemy ai skjeletal mesh i did it like on the videos and got exactly same result in the video but i want it to have it on my enemy . but in that video they used it for player character thats where the problem might be. and my making singleplayer boxing game. and do you any other ways like doing it without health bar like if i punch him 7 times he will fell down?my main goal is i want hurt enemy as a boxing game and make him lose

and i also have a animation when he get hurt created in blender