How to make gun follow camera? HELP WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED

How do I make my gun follow the camera from side to side?

This is the wrong forum for this question, and you can most likely find answers to this in some tutorials. It seems like you need help with a pretty basic thing, in this case, I would adivse to:

  1. Watch some tutorials on the basics - there are some very good intro tutorials on the official Unreal youtube channel
  2. Use the search functionality to find tutorials for your specific need - youtube search “unreal first person tutorial” for example, there will be many
  3. If you still have questions after watching those, think “can I find information on this myself?”. Use the search on the answer hub (, use the search on the forums, use google search - there are sometimes answers on stackoverflow or unreal reddit
  4. After all of that, if you really didn’t find the answers with all the searching you did, post a new question to the answer hub or forum.
  5. For the forum, and answer hub, find the correct place to post. On the forums you probably need the “Blueprint visual scrpiting” or “C++ gameplay programming”, depending on whether you want to do this in BP or CPP.

That way, you save a lot of time for yourself, as you get the answers as quick as possible. Using the search or watching a tutorial takes a few minutes. On the forum, you can wait for days for a reply. Both the forum and the answer hub are very slow to get information from, as they require someone to look at your issue, try to understand it, and then type out a whole explanation. Sometimes there is no reply, especially if it’s a simple question like yours, people don’t feel bothered to answer, because the information is easily searchable.

This skill of finding info will help you a lot with any kind of questions you might have later on. Good luck.

Watch Virtus’ tutorial series on FPS gameshere.