How to make grassland with dark and light stripes?

My project is to design a virtual golf course. I am using UE4.25.4

I’m wondering how to make the kind of grass land with interleaving dark and light stripes as the one shown in attached picture. I.e. Is there any static meshes that I can use to paint on the landscape?

I found a football field material in the “City park Environment Collection” demo, but it comes with a flat mesh, thus I do not know how to apply it on curved field. It’s appreciated if you could give me any reference design.

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I can’t show you precisely how to do it, but it’s possible to overlay or multiply a texture onto the material (like onto the albedo channel).

If your terrain is a static mesh, you can just create the texture in your texturing app pretty straightforward and then plug into the overlay texture in unreal.

That would be a “simple” way. I could also imagine an actual tec artist might be able to rig up a system to shoot a projection straight down from static meshes, and that “footprint” could apply overlay/multiply texture as well. Again, that’s something I’ve seen examples of so I know it’s possible, but I can’t tell you exact node by node setup.