How to make gone home color overlay?


I’ve developed a system that tracks where the player is looking and where he isn’t. If the player looks at a rare item, there’ll be a particle around the item, if he stops looking the particle fades away

I got it all to work perfectly, but for regular non-rare items I’d like a simple color overlay, just like Gone Home’s highlight effect. The problem is: I just can’t figure out how to achieve it, and I can’t use outlines since my world is affect by outlines and cel shading (I have a heavily stylised graphic)

So how can I make gone home’s highlight color overlay system without using post process?

I’ll post my tracing system below:

Thanks in advance

By parameters:

Niagara also offers parameters and with nodes it’s even more flexable on that matter

I know roughly how to use particle paramaters, but how can I use a particle to tint the item just like in gone home? Is there a way to use particles to put color on a mesh?

I found a way boys! I created a instanced material called highlight with a pulsing emissive color and duplicated my mesh. So far so good.