How to make game only a .exe

Hey so I want to share my game with my friends and stuff but I want the game to be a exe. I use windows and I package it and stuff and it gives me the windows no editor. Yes that has the exe in it but is there a way to get the game just as an exe?

Thanks for any help!

Yeah I am trying to find an outside tool but I want to make sure it is safe so… I am also planning to launch the game.

The way it’s normally done for release games is to take everything that you need and run it through an installer builder. Inno is an example of the type of software that you’d use.

The rest of the files that come with the packaged game are there because the engine needs them. If you go to Engine → Binaries → Third Party in a packaged build, you’ll find a bunch of .dlls that the engine uses, but the user might not already have.

You can try an outside tool like… EXE Bundle, or ThinApp.

I’ve never used it, so use at your own risk.

But if you just send your friends the whole folder, the game will run just fine as long as it is on windows.