How to make game AI Slender Man?????????


How to make game AI Slender Man!!!:confused:


This is very essential:(

This isn’t the place to ask for someone to do the work for you; If you’re unsure how to do something, you could ask for help yeah. But asking for someone for a full AI system is asking a bit much. I advise watching Peter Newton’s Youtube videos about A.I and his posts about A.I here on the forums and learning that way.

We’re not going to do the work for you.

Peter Newton’s!!

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Can you help me?

Start making the AI yourself.

When you have specific questions, please come back and ask them. :slight_smile:

Create a few OnTriggerOverlaps, Have a few locations round the player set by Ints. When the player overlaps, random INT to locate him randomly around the player. One of the Ints could fire a VInterp To the Player, which will kill the Player.

Or something along those lines.

How to make BluePrint!!!

Can you describe the image?

Explain more please:(


Could not do:(

How To Create AI Slender man :confused:

A basic version of such an ai can be achieved with this technique: But for more complex stuff (to get into the ai topics): :slight_smile:

Tellport !!

Normally I don’t respond to these sort of posts but I’m getting the feeling you’re not getting the hints that people are trying to give you.

Your question is ridiculous, you might aswell ask “How can I make a computer game?” It’s such a vast open ended question there’s no way anyone could answer the question for you. It’s takes alot of time and effort to learn game development so it’s impossible to explain it all to you in one a post on a forum. To even ask such a question kind of tells everyone you don’t know what you’re doing so how can we explain how to do something when you wouldn’t understand the answer anyway? Also it smacks of utter laziness as it’s telling us you havn’t tried to do anything yourself.

I think you need a bit of realism, unfortunately you’re going to have to go through the same process as everyone on here and sit and learn how to do various things by reading the documentation/youtube tutorials, once you have a basic understanding then come back and ask a more structured specific question. Like for instance “I’m trying to make a slender man game (although why you would want to i don’t know but each to their own), I’ve followed X tutorial on how to make AI move which I’ve got working but I’m not sure how to get the AI to track the player and go to the players location”. Something like that we could answer and you’d have half a chance of understanding the answer.

It’s pretty much the same as me going on a nuclear warhead website with no knowledge of nuclear physics and asking “How do I make a Nuclear Missile?” Am I really expecting someone to explain that whole subject to me and even if they did would I understand anything they said? Well no is the answer.

I know learning all the stuff you need is a daunting prospect but unfortunately that’s the only way to do it, no one is going to inject the knowledge into your brain like some scene from the Matrix.

If I can do it and I’m a thick as pig zhit uneducated apathetic stoner who never went to school, you certainly can :slight_smile:

I don’t want to sound offensive here, but if I were you I’d stop your game for a bit and brush up first.

Quick story:
I was working on a rather small start out project and found myself stuck…alot.
It was all too overwhelming.
What I did was I scrapped the game and did something different.
I challenged myself to make a game in 7 days. It was a quick self-evaluation.
And you know what…it worked.

I’m ready and raring to go and create a game to release publicly (ok…well honestly, I’m on here right now because I’m procrastinating a bit…got some big obstacles to go over).
There’s nothing wrong with stopping and taking a step back, trust me it helps.

As for the AI itself, I’m not really sure what you feel comfortable doing.
You don’t seem to know much about Blueprint.
If you enjoy visual scripting more than programming, watch some Blueprint tutorials, check out example projects, and most importantly play around with it…get a good feel.
See it’s hard to give you any direction if you aren’t really familiar with Blueprint as a whole.
Whatever I, or anyone else says, will just go over your head.

I would watch some tutorials, try to make the AI, and then come back when you get stuck.

Good Luck,

~ Jason