How to make foliage look totally real

With 2 sided shading in unreal foliage looks fabulous against the sun, but there seems to be little or no light transmission through the leaf. If a tent was made of this 2 sided material the inside would be pitch black. Consequently in a speedtree with individual leaves there are areas in the foliage that are unnaturally dark.

I know we can do stained glass windows and they can cast translucent shadows, so is there a way to marry the two. To have a masked material that appears to let a proportion of light through. If this can be achieved all foliage in unreal will look absolutely real.

This picture of real trees and grass looks so much like my trees and grass before a lightbuild, I’m tempted to ask if i can stop an actor casting shadows on itself but cast shadows on everything else as a short cut to achieving this