How to make flying Paper2D Character rotate to always face direction it is moving?

I’m following various tutorials and I created a simple 2d Character that I set to flying as it’s land movement and made him able to move left, right, up and down. The character sprite flips when you move left and right. Otherwise, it faces the same way when you move up and down.

I want him to be able to rotate 360 degrees based on what direction you are moving him whether you are using directional buttons or a joystick. The idea I have is for the sprite to flip every 180 degrees so it is always right side up and not upside down. I’ve spent the last day trying to google how to rotate him to face the direction it is moving. I tried the option under Character Movement for “Orient Rotation to Movement” and it did nothing. Do I need to do something with this in blueprints?

If it’s too much work to tell me how to do it, can someone please point me in the right direction to documentation or a tutorial online? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!