How to make Firetruck spawn objects when moving using a Spline Mesh technique

I will split my question in to 2 parts

1.)I have a firetruck, which is actually a Hose carrying one, so i want it to be able to leave a trail of hoses after his movement. The firetruck movement and physics are set through Chaos Vehicle plugin.

I found a way to attach last point of my spline to the firetruck, but i have no clue how can i make my first point of the spline to stay in its place and don’t move with the firetruck, this can be seen in the video i’ve attached.

2.) I also want to create new spline points as the firetruck moves so that it won’t be just 2 points spline, because i want it to create a nice path with all the curves of a firetruck path you know

I will appreciate any help