How to make fall damage makes bone break stopping sprint ability?

Im trying to make when you fall a certain hight you “break a bone” and stop you from being able to run any help


You can set the max walk speed on your character’s movement component to 0, and then reset it back to your default value once their health is up.

Hi BluAstronaut

When you say sprinting ability, do you mean walking or running? If you mean running you could make a a ‘CanRun’ Variable in your running code. Simply disable ‘CanRun’ when actor takes fall damage.
If you need help with that simply ask.


thank you, I was trying so when you take a lot of fall damage you get your sprinting ability stopped, I think thiws is a better idea thank you\


This isn’t working

What is happening that isn’t working?
Is the running system still working or is it something else?