How to make enemy go to specific location area and make specific Animation

I already mad Enemy walks around the house and stop for idle and stop in specific area in house . I already make enemy chase me once he saw me, but I am trying to make enemy Walks around the house go to specific area in house and each area has specific an animation. For example, I need enemy walks to kitchen to cook his food. Then, carry dish and put his food in dish and walks to living room to eat his food

no one knows

If the secuence are always the same, you can use states and then use several moveto() to go to a specific location, then Playcustomanim() to play the animation for several seconds using sleep(), and then go to the next moveto().

If you want the NPCs decide where to move, for example in each hour of the day, then you probably needs a way to find a path inside the house for each location.

Udk ?