How to make Enemy A.I Avoid all light sources?

Hi there! I am working on an Unreal Engine Horror game, where I want the Enemy to avoid the player’s Flashlight and other light sources in-game, I haven’t been able to find anything anywhere about the specific thing I want. Can someone please help me to get the A.I to avoid my Player’s Flashlight?

In theory, any avoidance mechanic should work, if the AI interprets all light sources as obstacles or areas, that it should not enter :wink: So what would look like a light source to the player, could be a big red ball/obstacle to the AI (or a moving pyramid for the flashlight). Then you just need some flocking behaviour, like this here, and you should be able to get some flying zombi piranhas attacking from whereever the light/pyramid does not block the way to the target/player :slight_smile:

Thank you for answering! I will have a look at these videos and get back to you if I manage to get it to work!