How to make editor gizmo visable in game not just editor?


how to make editor gizmo visible in game not just editor and transform objects?

That might be a bit complicated and will require either a lot of editing of the source code, or a lot of copying and pasting of the widget (gizmos are called widgets in engine for some reason) code into your project. The place to start might be:

Also setting EngineShowFlags.CompositeEditorPrimitives = true will allow it to not be occluded by other meshes. If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of porting the widget outside of editor macros, it might be a good idea just to remake your own version using simple meshers meshes, custom depth rendering, and replicate the logic of how the gizmo works

can u make a short tutorial on it

That goes a bit beyond the purpose of the answer hub. Your best bet is to look around the web to see if there are any tutorials already, or (better option) attempt working it out yourself and ask more specific questions when you run into roadblocks.