How to make each player in a 4 player game shoot a different projectile

So I am making a 4 player local party game where when the player shoots he takes control over the projectile and can control where it goes and stuff. I have it so that a player 1 can shoot his projectile and can control it but he also controls everyone else’s so I am trying to figure out a way to get which player I am. I have tried stuff with get player controller and get player my player index and a bunch of other stuff but I can’t seem to figure this one out. Some help would be appreciated

Hi man,

i think the problem is that your proiectile get input from the same player.
From the same playercontroller.
So add a variable “type playercontroller” lets call it, Master , inside your proiectile and make the input depend of that.
When you spawn a proiectile you have to set his master.

So player 1 spawn proiecctile and set his Master to playercontroller1
So player 2 spawn proiecctile and set his Master to playercontroller2
So player 3 spawn proiecctile and set his Master to playercontroller3

Might want to look at making the projectile a child of Pawn and having the controller possess it on spawn.

@Est_engine Thanks that worked thanks for the help