How to make dynamic material in a widget

Hi I would like to make a HUD for a FPS with a simple weapon Indicator. I have a function in my FirstPersonBP for the mouse wheels for the weapon selection who’s sending the weapon selected in a variable, and I would like that my widget BP set the color of my material on screen. I try many differents way to change the color of my widget material but nothing working, so I ask , is it possible to have a image on a widget filled with a material that can change with a dynamic material instance, If yes how can i do it! I don’t know if you will understand !

PS: Sorry for my bad english im French

just drag out the component that you want to change the material on and type set brush. You will have to right click on the dark blue pin and choose “split struct pin” to make the brush image pin show up

No matter what material you chose, this will not work.