How to make dropped coins move? Like in sonic

I got some coins in my simple 2d side scroller. When the player gets damaged I want all the coins they collected to drop on the ground and go bouncing around until they disappear or they are collected again. So far I have this setup, but can’t for the life of me think of how to make them move. Add impulse didn’t work, nor anything else I tried.

This is setup inside my player BP


This is setup inside my COIN BP


You could always just make an animation for the coin with gravity physics enabled.

You can attach the “Projectile Component” to your Coin BP and enable “CanBounce” and even specify the number of bounces. Add Force should work if you are simulating physics…have you tried adding a large number?

Hope this helps!

I added the “Add Force” node to my current BP and set the force up to like 5000 and the engine freezes. Changed the add force to like 100 and it still just freezes the engine.

Weird. Make sure you have Simulate Physics active (different from enabling gravity). Also play around with the collisions (since you disable them at first) and see if that makes a difference.

I disconnected everything and just added in simulate physics and add force and the engine freezes.


Don’t put that code on Tick!! Go back to your original setup but drag from “Sphere” and type “set simulate physics.” Make this True and see if it helps. Also, if that doesnt work, take out your nodes where you disable collision and see.

Yea none of that works, so just gonna give up that idea and move on. Appreciate the help

Hey np, sorry it didn’t work out :confused: