How to make draggable, rotateable static meshes; How to swap camera and switch materials based on a defined "mode"

I work for a collision repair company and one of our shops is wanting to move some things around in the shop. I’ll be creating a UE4 version of the shop along with all of the items within it that can be moved around. First off, I intend to have two modes in this interactive demonstration. The first mode is simply exploring the shop to see how everything fits. I’ll have a vehicle that can be driven around as well. This is easy, I can use one of the starter templates. The other mode, which will be switched to via a hud button or key press, should be a top down view where the user can move and rotate things like the paint booth, framing machines, compressors, etc. When in “edit mode” I’d like the ceiling to disappear, the materials on intractable objects to change to indicate they can be moved, and for controls of some kind for 2d translation and rotation, as well as camera translation and zooming. This should be pretty simple, but I haven’t studied much blueprinting yet. I have about a week to get this done, which should be enough time if I can get the blueprinting aspect worked out. Thanks very much for your time!