How to make double tap axisinput?

Hi, I have found other posts like double pressing any action button, but I actually need to work with double tapping axis input. For example I want to dash with double tap and holding forward InputAxis (in my case up arrow, and gamepad left stick). How can I set this in character blueprint?

On the first tap set a bool to true
If the player taps again within a certain period of time, perform the dash and set the bool to false. If not, set the bool back to false.

Hi, Thanks for the reply. But, I am quite a newbie. If you please describe in elaborately or just past a screenshot, that would be very helpful.

Hi, I still couldn’t manage it. But, I found something on web.
But, actually I am having trouble to understand some part of it. If anyone can describe this steps for a rookie, that would be nice.

In this previous example how to set “AxisThreshold” and “DodgeTimeout” variable?