How to make Donkey Kong Arcade in UE4?


We´re completely new in UE and we want to know how to make the classic Donkey Kong Arcade game but just for iOS and with 3D Models.
We want Mario (still “Jumpman” at that time") to run himself. Swipe left to run left, Swipe right to run right, swipe up to climb up the ladder, swipe down to climb down the ladder and tap to jump.
4 levels, a highscore game.

How to do this???

Btw english is not our native language so there might be some mistakes. :wink:


first of all, the question is quite vague, but if you need help, you can take the side scroller example (platformer game) from engine features samples, use that as a template for your game, the rest is pretty much adjust gravity, camera and anything related with that, or start a new project and select sidescroller project, to make the swipe control, i suggest you to watch this tutorial, it isn’t exactly related with the movement but the camera control, is kinda the same working process, but if you’re too new for unreal engine 4, you better start watching some beginner tutorials, or you gonna end up having more troubles later, oh and i forgot to mention that you must select the target hardware from pc to mobile devices, so you’ll get the mobile buttons scheme

Thank you very much :slight_smile: !