How to make ''Destroable Box with Items''

Hello , i’m new in this , so be dubious about this.

I wana ask , is there some tutorial , how to create box which when you destroy it will drop items in some direction.
I put here video , how i wana to do it.

So i need to know, how to create ‘‘Destroable* Box’’
How to set it , to drop items , what i can change if i want another,

and set direction to drop that items.
(Sorry my enghlis is very bad …)

I do not have a specific step by step tutorial as this involves many things combined to get the effect you desire but maybe I can help lead you in the right direction

You would start with your box actor, detect projectile collision, on hit do action (event) take damage, check if (health - damage) <= 0, if true then do action → explode (play animation of box exploding) → remove actor → spawn item.

That is the jist of it, if you google those different parts you shoul be able to find tutorials on each and put them together to get the effect your looking for.

To get the spawned item to move when spawned, you would add a movement component to the item actor blueprint, then set a vector direction and velocity/acceleration.

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Hope this helps get you started