How to make damage effect jump from object to object?

So right now I am creating an angry birds type game and I have a fireball that the player can shoot at a wood pillar and when that pillar is hit it will be set on fire for 2 turns and then get destroyed. Now what I am trying to figure out is how to make it so if the player hits a wood pillar after 1 turn it will then jump over to other wood pillars that are touching it and apply the same take 2 turns to destroy.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Use a sphere trace or set a collision boxes just barely larger than the visual on the actor so that they are overlapping each other when two actors are close.

Well right now I don’t have a visual of actual fire i just have the effect happening so would I just oncomponentoverlap begin for the wood pillar(The object the effect takes place on).

Distul is right. Add Sphere collision component to your bird and after begin overlap event Set damage to object what is he colliding

I’m not trying to get inital damage when bird hits it I already have that figured out. What I want is to have it spread to other wood pillars that is touching the woodpillar affected by the burning effect.

I left a message previously as another solution but it doesn’t seem to of posted.

The easiest route is to use your sprites(I’m assuming this is 2D, you didn’t say) collision to detect the birds impact, and also have another collision box slightly larger than the sprite in your actors blueprint. Then when you need to spread the fire use the slightly larger collision to check if any other sprites/actors are in it, and if so are they of the wood type? If so, spread the flame.

You could also use get all actors of type and then check the distance between your initial wood pillar and all the others. If they are within x distance then spread.

Just a few ideas – they would all work.