How to make cyberpunk style First Person Camera?

Hey guys , i am currently working on my first commercial game , and i got a “small” issue , which stuck me for about a week. What i want is First Person camera , but not standard FP without hands and body which UE4 provides . I want legs, body ,hands to be seen to the player , and i achieved it .However the issue is that the camera attached to the character’s head bone is shakes since the character animation is made like that . I want the camera to be static no matter you walking,sprinting or jumping without any kind of shakes . Like cyberpunk and many other games does .how to do that , do i need to create a specific animations or there are more interesting solutions?
My camera currently looking exactly like this :
it shakes a bit and it’s annoying

Two suggestions:

  1. Don’t parent your camera to a bone that’s animated.

  2. Add an extra bone in your character rig for the camera, and set up constraints so that it picks up a little motion from its parents and tune to to taste. You don’t *need *to use the head bone, its just an easy option for those not building their own rigs.