How to make cyberpunk camera?

Hey guys , i am currently working on my first commercial game , and i got a “small” issue , which stuck me for about a week. What i want is First Person camera , but not standard FP without hands and body which UE4 provides . I want legs, body ,hands to be seen to the player , and i achieved it .However the issue is that the camera attached to the character’s head bone is shakes since the character animation is made like that . I want the camera to be static no matter you walking,sprinting or jumping without any kind of shakes . Like cyberpunk and many other games does .how to do that , do i need to create a specific animations or there are more interesting solutions?
My camera currently looking exactly like this :
it shakes a bit and it’s annoying

This article was helpful to me.

You can’t do this without some significant investment in just about every aspect of gamedev.

Games that do this GENERALLY use very special combos of fine-tuned animations (walk/run/jump etc), along with bone stretching/altering at runtime to accommodate the camera.

If you google for TFPS camera you’ll find several images of how distorted the meshes can get.
Looking over cover in crysis for instance, detaches your upper body from the lower body stretching you over the cover - obviously, you’d never know this without a cheat or a camera function (like the ones nvidia came up with recently that usually eject you from first person view).

You also should (for commercial releases) provide users with the option to completely disable head bobbing. Some people suffer from motion sickness.

You can do this several ways but the “best” one I have found is to delay the motion of the headbone, bascially allowing it to stretch off your mesh a bit.
The delay however makes for a noticeable shadow of the stretching - which looks pretty odd.
There’s really no way around that, if you uncouple the camera from the mesh you start to get clipping issues of different sorts.
The better the animations, the less the stretching that will occur.

Download the advanced locomotion system from the marketplace , Its FREE! and it has this functionality built in by pressing the using C key