How to make custom texture?

Currently i don’t know how to make texture and looking to learn.

any suggestions would be appreciated


Take a look at this article: ://gameindustry.about/od/tutorials/a/Creating-Realistic-Photo-Textures-For-Games-Intro.htm :slight_smile:

It was a nice read but i am looking for a basic how to make a texture in another program like Gimp and import it. Only looking to make a box color texture for hot bars and inventory slots at the moment.

What is your problem? Open gimp, resize the default picture to something of power of 2 512x512 or 1024x1024 for example. Fill it with a nice color, safe it out and import it to UE4. Your texture is done. But I assume that is not the solution to your problem?

For basic bars you can also do it directly in the UE4 (UMG) -> otherwise paint them in gimp/paint/photoshop/… For realistic textures you will have to take your own pictures + overwork it in gimp -> e.g seamless,… :slight_smile:

The problem i was having when i want to import the file it was telling it wasn’t by a power of two. I didn’t know what that meant but now I do.