How to make CoreRedirect work for Enum?

I’ve been trying for hours to get a simple CoreRedirect to work for an enum. I started out wanting to convert a blueprint enum to a c++ one. But that has failed and failed, so now I just want to see if I can get it to convert one BP enum to another one. It just won’t work! What is the trick? I’ve looked at the Unreal docs and several online posts. When I start up the editor, it is like nothing has changed.

Here’s a couple things I’ve tried. The names are different between the two different examples because I was changing things around. But nothing like this has worked at all…

Usually it just doesn’t do anything - but in the last case, where all the values between the two enums were the same and I was just trying to change from one name to the other, it crashes on startup. In the cases where it fails but does not crash, it usually says “Failed to parse ValueChanges for Redirect”.

Anyone know how to use these stupid things?

+EnumRedirects=(OldName=“E_Mode_Team”,NewName=“E_Test”, ValueChanges=((“AnyTeam”,“A”),(“Team1”,“B”),(“Team2”,“C”),(“Team3”,“D”),(“Team4”,“E”) ))

+EnumRedirects=(OldName="/Game/Blueprints/Enums/E_GameplayMode_Team.E_GameplayMode_Team",NewName="/Script/GAME.E_Gameplay_Team", ValueChanges=((“E_GameplayMode_Team::AnyTeam”,“E_Gameplay_Team::AnyTeam”),(“E_GameplayMode_Team::Team1”,“E_Gameplay_Team::Team1”),(“E_GameplayMode_Team::Team2”,“E_Gameplay_Team::Team2”),(“E_GameplayMode_Team::Team3”,“E_Gameplay_Team::E_GameplayMode_Team::Team3”),(“E_GameplayMode_Team::Team4”,“E_Gameplay_Team::Team4”) ), OverrideClassName="/Script/CoreUObject.Enum")


+EnumRedirects=(OldName=“E_GameplayMode_Team”,NewName=“E_Test”, ValueChanges=((“AnyTeam”,“AnyTeam”),(“Team1”,“Team1”),(“Team2”,“Team2”),(“Team3”,“Team3”),(“Team4”,“Team4”) ), OverrideClassName="/Script/CoreUObject.Enum")


i just did this for a simple enum change.

Hm, I wonder why it isn’t working. I tried the simple change and it didn’t work. It crashes - seems to have some trouble when the old enum is contained within another structure using maps…

You’re building from source, right?