how to make conquest game mode

how to make conquest game mode like battlefield3

player should capture 2 or 3 tower to finsh the game

you need 3 tower bp’s and if some one captures one you sent a message to the game state. or let it be handled by the game mode instead. tick once a second to see whether all towers are captured or not by a team.

the towers need obv a collision sphere. if a player enters (on overlap event) you look which team the player is and check whether its the same team as the owner of the tower.

in general there are a lot of small things to consider in a conquest game mode like do you want to use a ticket system? do you want the tower to be instantly taken or by time? etc… hope that brings you a bit further.

thx for the info but i need ui design for a progress bar when the player is on sphere and when he is not in sphere the progress bar should restart

Hi Berry,

Have you tried using the Progress Bar widget?
You can tie this to a on overlap event which would then progressively fill the bar or reduce the bar if the ‘conquest point’ is not your own.

Really need a understanding of what stage you are at before we can help.

Actually i am making single player game i made enemies and player i just need
some capture point that can be capture by the player. player must stay in near the capture point for 1 min the capture that point , after capturing 3 or 4 capture points it should finish the game for that i need bp for overlap event and ui design and bp for progress bar to activate when player is inside the box and and it should restart when the player is outside the box