How To Make Conflicting Timelines Affect The Same BP Component Without Issue?

I am creating a BP with a platform and button on its surface where standing on the button will push the button down and simultaneously cause the BP to be raised continuously up to a certain height, with the button remaining pushed in as long as the player character is standing on it. Leaving the box collision component that triggers these behaviors would automatically reverse them, popping the button back out and causing the platform to descend.

I have scripted these behaviors out via Timeline nodes and they work as intended - when only one is being executed by my Begin and End Overlaps. When I have them connected together, though, they conflict with each other and don’t work. This is undoubtedly because of the Timelines demanding conflicting movements (down for the button within the BP but up for the platform in the world) and I can’t figure out how to reconcile them. I’ve tried having both Set World Location and Set Relative Location nodes in the network for dictating the button push movement, but both cause issues. Any advice on what’s causing the problem, and how to set it up to work as intended?

The TL;DR version: I want a BP with one component that goes down relative to the other components while all of the components including it move up in the world when a box collision component is crossed.