How to make collisions with only specific Actors?

Hi, I’m doing my unreal project, and I want to make a specific group of actors collide with another specific group of actors. How do I do that? Thanks.

You could try this.

Step 1 - Go to your Project Settings / Collision / and add a new Object Channel (Call it whatever you like) for this example, i’ll call it ‘TestChannel’ and set it to block

Step 2 - Open up an Actor you need and select it’s static mesh/collisionbox. In the details panel under ‘Collision’ change your collision preset to ‘Custom’

Step 3 - Now under ‘Object Type’ select ‘TestChannel’ or whatever you called your custom Object Channel in step 1. From now on, this actor will be treated as TestChannel. If you don’t see this yet, just close you actor or project and reopen. You should see your custom channel appear.

Step 4 - Now from another actor, if you want it to only block ‘TestChannel’ you can do so with custom collision and ignore everything else but ‘TestChannel’

Hope this helps.


Greeting, can you please send the images for that procedure you talking about? Thx