How to make clouds move in trueSKY plugin for Unreal 4.15?

I am evaluating trueSKY with Unreal 4.15 in order to extract fly-thru camera paths for projection onto sculptures. I have successfully installed the plugin and can create the sky with clouds etc. However, the tutorial material available at Simul seems incorrect or unclear. The section on hooking up nodes in Blueprint for time passage and cloud movement are vague and the language used doesn’t readily translate into the search function within Blueprint. In addition, the only video tutorial available seems dated. When Roderick addresses Blueprint there, he says to copy over a file called “trueSkyMacros.uasset” from this location: “UnrealEngine/Engine/Plugins/trueSkyplugin/Blueprint.” However, I find no such file in any of the directories.

Is there a simple solution that I am missing here? Would really appreciate any sincere feedback. Thanks.

I just got started with TrueSky and took the following steps:

  1. add a ‘TrueSkySequenceActor’ to the scene
  2. create a new BluePrint class (call it f.e. ‘TS_controller’) in which I added two variables: a TrueSkySequenceActor reference and a ‘CurrentTime’ (float)
  3. placed this actor in the scene and selected the TrueSkyASequenceActor


  1. Now you can manage the TS Sequence through the tick event of ‘TS_controller’, f.e. update the time:

Hope this helps.