How to Make Child Bones Ignore Parent and Root Bone? [4-27]


I am creating an eastern dragon. I have a chain of bones, all parented from head to tail. I am trying to have each bone in the spine ignore the parent bone and the root bone, so I can assign a position and rotation in world space manually. I want to manually set the position and rotation manually so I can create a procedurally animation seen in the video below.

The below is an example of the animation I want to achieve via blueprints, using spheres and that are not parented to each other. However I want to achieve this in an animation blueprint or a control rig.

Honestly, I would strongly suggest outputting the values of the thing you have that’s animating like you want in world space.

And writing them manually into an animation either through pyton on blender or maybe by modifying the tracks of an fbx file.

Yes, it is a ton of data, because there’s is a lot of control points and you need all of them every tick.

But if you output what you want to a file, and make a quick script to import it, you can probably get the whole thing animated on a skeleton in less than 2 hours.

Configuring a skeleton to do anything remotely like it would probably take 2 days…

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