How to make character move in the direction camera is looking, like in editor mode

im making an underwater scene and im trying to make it so that my character can move in teh direction it is looking in, just like in editor mode…so editor mode movement but in-game.


Are you creating a new camera or using the default camera of template?

im using a new camera

You need to get the rotation of your camera. From the rotation , get the forward vector. Now make your character to move in this direction.You can add this movement in tick event. I have done a quick example.

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You may need to set your camera to be active as in screenshot.

sorry guys i screwed up, im actually using a default camera from the 3rd person template

this is a screen shot of my character/camera

Then in place of camera actor, use get player controller node and using it find get control rotation and get its forward vector. Everything else remains same.

perfect! all good now! thanks so much! :slight_smile:

Great ! You can mark this as answer so that someone else with same problem can have a look.