How to make character look with camera tps?

Hello all and thanks ahead of time for reading.
I just finished making a nice blend space for my character’s head to look in all sorts of fancy directions.
problem is, i have no idea how to go about applying it to my anim/event graph. the desired effect is to have
the player’s head look wherever the camera looks.
i guess my question is, how can i get the pitch/yaw/roll of the camera so i can apply it to my blend space?
thanks again

This is how I handled this. Hope this helps. This event is called every tick.

Thank you for the reply but your picture is too blurry to read

Sorry about that. This one should be a little higher quality.

Click this for a bigger picture

Thanks again for helping me. Can you please explain to me the nodes “inputs” and “server directions”?

Inputs is just part of a collapsed graph. Server Directions is being called every tick. Server directions is just my event setting the variables HeadPitch and HeadYaw.

The animation then should get these variables from your player character.