How to make character look at you? (Only head)

I have an animated character (it only has idle animation). I need him to look at me (just turning his head) when I get closer. I have tried using “transform (modify) bone” but it does not work (or I don’t know how to do it) I am unable to communicate with the variable rotation for head. I’m very very noob with blueprints, but I need to do this for an archviz project.

There are several ways to do it. This is easiest way I know.

In the Event graph of the enemy character, get the player’s location location:

And in the AnimGraph, rotate the head bone using the “Look at” node:

With “Look At Clamp” of the “Look At” node, you clamp the rotation in all axis.

With “Alpha” you control the strenght. So you can set this value depending on the player’s distance (*alpha *= 0: no rotation else: rotation)

I have been struggling with this problem for 3 weeks. I tried the nodes it commented in main comment. This was very difficult for me because I never used blueprints but I needed it to work. However I tried your solution and this worked perfectly.

I’m really thankful. I can finally sleep hahaha!

You are great!, thank you very much.