How to make character look at camera?

Hello all,

I am working on a character creation system type of thing, and at the moment, I want to make the character always look at the camera.
I can use the bone transform function in the anim graph and get the look at rotation, but the rotation ends up all messed up, instead of looking at the camera, his bald shiny head is looking at the camera instead.
and also i always get an error before and after I click play, mainly because i’m using the “find player camera” function and it’s being called before and after i click play so that when looking for it, it can’t find it because it doesn’t exist, so if anyone knows any walk around for the error, then that would be a terrific bonus!


There is a Find Look At Rotation node. You can use that to make him look at camera.

Interested in figuring this out too. Tried to get it working as a test with the Owen skeletal mesh (animGraph in an animBlueprint) using the “neck_01” bone to try to rotate his head to face the player camera.

Still not what I’m looking for though

  • No lerping over time/ease-in/ease-out
  • No way to limit rotation
  • Doesn’t always work depending on initial rotation of the mesh in-game

Yeah, that’s what I used, but the orientation is offset and instead of his face/eyes looking at the camera, the top of the head faces it instead.

I did it in a similar way, are you also receiving an error after running the game since you’re also grabbing the camera manager? Because I’m receiving an error of some sort stating that the it’s unable to access actor or something.

anyone known how to solve that? i got the same problem, i want a NPC look at my character, i got working but depends of the NPC rotation.