How to make character fly up only when pressing action key?

Hello everyone!

I am really new to Unreal and as such come across issues all the time. That being said, I am currently trying to make a small 2d platformer to just wet my appitite for game dev.

One of the mechanics I want to employ is the ability to hold down space bar and have my little 2d robot fly up into the air and when I let go, he begins to fall. It will be attached to a fuel system which I believe I know how to do, but I am stuck on getting the character to fly up.

Below is the blueprint I have set up, I know this is wrong but it’s all I could find on how to begin flight. Nothing about holding the inpout key for accelerated movement etc etc.

When pressed set a timer by function, and in that function add force to the character movement component, in the upwards direction ie: 0, 0, 1. Multiply a vector of 0, 0, 1 by a flot of however much force it takes to lift the character. On released clear timer by function.

Okay, so I have done everything up too “Multiply a vector of 0, 0, 1 by a flot of however much force it takes to lift the character.” as I am not sure what you mean by that. Below is what I currently have. Thank you!

So does it work now?

Unfortunately not. Holding doesn’t do anything :confused:

Ok, looking back at the images, you have to make sure that your timer is looping, and that it has a time set, nothing will run, if it is running every 0 seconds, that doesn’t make any sense, make the time something loe like 0.1, and check looping. On released don’t put another set timer, put a clear timer by function name, and put flight in there, My discord is Capn C4ke#9414 if you need any more feedback

I did everything and still nothing, I sent a FR on discord if you wouldn’t mind helping me through this. Thanks again!