How to make character animates with each other?

i’m looking for how to make a character animate smoothly with another character.

for example, a terrorist carry a captured hostage or a police release a captured hostage, and so on.

it’s hard to find a example or a video tutorial on youtube.

at this point, i’m doing the following steps about a scene when a terror carry a hostage.

  1. make a socket in a terror skeletal mesh for using an interaction starting point.
  2. place a hostage to the socket i made before.
  3. make a hostage face to the same as a terror’s forward vector.
  4. play animation both characters.

it seems very poor. and i ask my artist to make a animation for using the previous steps, but i think it’s not efficient way for my artists.
i want to give him more flexibility.

and also have a collision problem. i want to make them combine into a one collision objects but it works seperately.

i’m so blocked now. where i do start for solving this problems.